What We Do

Invest In Those We Believe In

We invest in very early stage technology startups via our UK Syndicate and International Syndicate. We have a strong belief that if a team has exceptional talent and skills, even if their idea is not perfect they will succeed given enough time.

Helping Those We Like

There are many incubators and accelerators around the world who will assist a start up with very intensive help over a short period of time. At the end of this period a start up has to look after themselves, we continue where a usual incubator/accelerator finishes. We offer gentle mentoring, guidance on raising money and even direct financial support if we really like you.

As a Potential VC backed company you also get access to free services and tools from our partners.



We not only invest in early stage technology startups but also provide advice via accelerator programmes. The Potential staff offer mentoring to startups taking part in accelerators such as


Characterised by unrest and disorder – we like to be different. We have a working environment that aims to bring the best out of people’s creative natures. We’re a lean organisation which constantly adapts to the needs of the fast-paced technology industry. We strongly believe in making business fun, and see it as being a vital ingredient to a successful online venture. Our office may look more like a youth centre with its gadgets, games and sofas but we believe that people are at their most creative when they’re relaxed.